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Dystopia Utopia Drawings

... The mind is not satisfied, of course, so when the Pandemic hit, things about being a human came into focus. I started to think about narratives and what would it be like if there was a narrative in my work? 


How does a narrative work? What if there is a story in the piece to be read, with all the components available and developed? I would tell people how I made work to people, and they would respond to it as a narrative, a story. So, I asked myself could I take all of that and put it in the tradition of drawing?


The work of a draftsman, that identity, has always been with me. I would make little drawings to hide in my garret. When I thought about making these drawings, they would be in contrast to the physical qualities of the larger works and the complexity of all these materials and methods (paint, sand, etc.) 


Could I go back to just making black lines on paper? Is there a way to do that? Well, yes. 

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Dystopia Utopia Drawings

Land of Code Drawings


Land of Code
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